VOD or Video On Demand, as the name suggest is basically a setup where visitors have access to a full library of videos. They can watch any video, as and when they want, out of that library of videos. They are not restricted to traditional broadcasting schedules of that platform.

A Video on Demand Streaming platform serves the users by giving them the freedom to browse through the whole lot of available videos in their library. People can choose to watch whatever video they want. There are a huge number of examples of Streaming VOD platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and others. All these Streaming Dedicated websites allows its users to browse through the available collection of TV Shows, Movies and Series. We can also watch any of the available stuff anytime on compatible device of our choice.

YouTube is another popular example of VOD Streaming platform. We can even categorise Facebook and Instagram as a modern VOD as it allows the users to instantly watch without the need to download any of their videos online.

Why you need our Offshore Dedicated/Streaming Dedicated Servers for running a successful Video on Demand Setup?

Every online business needs to host their setup somewhere to make it available all over the world. Small business can manage their loads even on a Shared Web hosting service, but if you have a heavy setup with forecast of huge number of clients, then you need a performance driven server with a good uplink port. We at OffshoreDedicated.NET offer Streaming Dedicated servers and Bulgaria Dedicated Servers with uplink ports starting from 100Mbps to up to 10s of GBs of Uplink speed.

To be successful in online Video Streaming business, you need either make strict rules and never allow any DMCA content to hosted on your platform. Or otherwise, you need to host your setup on our DMCA Ignored network. We Ignore DMCA Complaints for the content hosted on our network.

Our CLIENTS enjoy full PRIVACY PROTECTION and their PLATFORM enjoy full DMCA IGNORED NETWORK for hosting the content. So, if you are planning to launch a VOD Streaming platform or need some peace of mind from DMCA Complaints removals and privacy issues, then think you are welcome to join our network.

We recommend Streaming Dedicated servers or Bulgaria Dedicated servers for your Streaming Businesses. You can start from a basic low spec setup and gradually upgrade your Dedicated servers as the business grow.


OTT and VOD as mostly taken as interchangeable terms, but there is some distinction that we need to understand.


Take OTT (Over-the-Top) as a subset of VOD that delivers and streams content through the internet instead of traditional method like live TV broadcast.

On-demand video streaming of films, shows, movies and other related videos gives viewers the authority to easily watch videos they want to whenever they have some time. They don’t have to anymore follow service provider’s schedule.

OTT applications often offer some kind of subscription, which can be Transactional VOD (e.g., Amazon Prime), Subscription VOD (e.g., Netflix) or Advertisement VOD (e.g., YouTube).

You can check our Bulgaria Dedicated Servers or Streaming Dedicated servers to launch your own DMCA Ignored Video On Demand (VOD) Streaming Setup.