Offshore Dedicated Server

We have three different Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting locations including Bulgaria, Netherland and Poland.

All these server hosting locations are chosen for the business based on the fact that they are Offshore and allow DMCA Ignored and Privacy Protected.

Out of these three, Bulgaria Offshore Dedicated Servers Hosting location is our favourite because of its smooth operations and very stable network.

In case you are looking for Offshore Streaming Dedicated servers, then visit the related page here.

Pricing Offshore Dedicated Servers

All Our Offshore Dedicated Server Plans Includes

☑ No Log Servers

☑ Customizable

☑ Offshore Locations

☑ Instant Setup

Why Our Offshore Dedicated Server?


Full Server Access

Get full root access of your offshore dedicated server purchased from us so you can utilize as you want.


Privacy Protection

We don’t need to know who you are, because we don’t store any of our clients’ personal information.


DMCA Ignored Servers

Get 100% dmca ignored servers, no content limitations. don't worry about dmca complaints.


TIER III Data Centres

Only the best secure premises with reliable power and fastest routs to EU, US and Asia for your hardware.


No Content Limitations

Our defining trait is our willingness to provide services which are not easily blocked by third parties.


24/7 Tech Support

Our support team are super-technical to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Why Offshore Dedicated Server?

What does Offshore mean in terms of Dedicated Server Hosting?
An Offshore Host basically provides you servers in locations other than USA. All the Laws of that are applicable in America are not relevant for our Offshore Dedicated servers.

Do OffshoreDedicated.NET assures Privacy Protection?
Yes, we at OffshoreDedicated.NET don’t need any of your real details. You can fill out the registration form with any random details and go online totally tension-free. Just make sure the email you have provided is an active email which can be used to contact you. We provide real Offshore, DMCA Ignored and NO-LOG servers for ensuring 100% Privacy Protection.

Do all the Offshore Data Centre provide Ignore DMCA Complaints for Dedicated Servers?

NO, all the Offshore Data Centres do not ignore DMCA Complaints, but if you are looking for one than we are here for you. OffshoreDedicated.NET ignore all types of DMCA Complaints so that you can enjoy Full FREEDOM OF SPEECH with Privacy.

OffshoreDedicated.NET is recommended for you if?

  • You want Data protection and Privacy Protection.
  • You want to Host Movie, Gambling and Adult sites.
  • If you want to enjoy Freedom of Speech on the internet.

Reading our TOS is recommended because illegal activities are not allowed on our network. We don’t allow Phishing, Email Spamming and Fraud activities. Read our TOS to avoid Termination of your services HERE.

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