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what is ftp

The internet has become the largest medium for file sharing, and it simply continues to grow. With such a fast paced medium for file sharing, there is absolutely no reason as to why we should see it slow down any time soon. When you are sending files through email, you would have noticed that there is a limit on the file size. Some email clients allow you to send up to ten megabytes per email and others allow up to twenty five megabytes. If you are using your own email client through your server, you will be free to upload any size. However, while sending the file, the recipient should be able to receive it.

What is FTP?

This is why FTP hosting was introduced into the market. FTP hosting allows the user to send and receive files, no matter how small or how big. You can upload files that are as large as twenty five gigabytes or even more. If the FTP server is fast enough, you should be uploading and downloading with high speeds. The great thing about FTP hosting is that it could be used to store your media files, which includes music and videos. Any type of file could be uploaded as long as it is not a virus or malware of any kind. If you upload an infected file, it may affect the entire server. There is no apparent security concern for FTP servers, as they are constantly monitored by data center officials.

FTP file hosting could be recognized as an online file storage solution. You could upload files onto the FTP account and allow it to sit there. This would enable you to have access to your data from around the world. FTP hosting is quite secure as well, because you will need a password to access the account, and then you will need another password to open the directory you need. This makes it twice as hard to get access to the FTP server. If you are not the only person using the server, you could also choose to create a number of different FTP accounts for your server. By doing this, you will give each person a special username and password.

Businesses that are involved in media and video production often find offshore hosting to be very useful. Imagine that you run a video production company, and you always tend to burn CD’s just to show sample videos to clients. This is a waste of time and money, as you are wasting CD’s and DVD’s. By having an online FTP account, you simply upload the video file and allow the client to download it. What you will need to do is create a directory for your client and set a username and password. This client will just need to login and download the available files. You could even send the final product over the internet by uploading it to your FTP server. Considering the low price it comes at, you could really benefit from FTP hosting.


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