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Free Web Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting

Free Hosting:

You know the old saying “nothing is for free”, holds true here as well. The main differences between free vs. paid hosting is it may be free cost wise, but you pay for it with banner ads on the top and/or bottom of your website at all times that you have no control over the content of those ads along with totally annoying pop-up ads The email address for the web hosting account is spammed and the email address is usually sold countless times to other spammers as well. On top of that, usually sever limitations to the amount of disc space and bandwidth and such with definitely no ecommerce capabilities. Oh, and for the most part old, outdated, slow crappy servers. I guess it’s obvious where I stand on both services.

Paid Hosting:

Paid web hosting is just that. You usually pay anywhere from month-to-month to a 2 year year plan. The bigger plan you purchase the better deal you get as with pretty much everything. Being that you’re paying for the space there are no banners, no popup ads and no email spam. Another great bonus with paid offshore hosting is the option for 1 Click installations for dozens and dozens of useful scripts you may be interested in such as web blogs, picture and photo galleries and tools to help you get started like free site builders and free templates for your website. On the business side there are several ecommerce options and safety features such as ssh and ssl along with free generated cirtificate.

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