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Cheap web hosting is provided by a number of offshore hosting companies throughout the US and Canada as well as Europe and Asia. It doesn’t matter where your hosting company is located from a technical point of view, other than that fact that you may want to deal in your own currency. So if you are in the US or Canada, it is easy to work seamlessly in the same language.

There are other issues, however that may dictate which web company you may want to use for dedicated hosting. Besides language and currency, other considerations should be support for your particular needs. Some companies offer far fewer options to get help when it’s needed. Choosing a competent but cheap web hosting provider need not be complicated as long as you are comfortable with the operating system and the control panel.

International web host providers located outside of the US can provide an inexpensive alternative, but, and there is always a but, it may require far more effort on your part to get all the features you need for your site. In addition, the laws in each country vary and the effort and time needed to clarify any misunderstanding may not be worth the effort. The amount of time you spend may cost more than if you were using someone in your own country.

Cheap web hosting then becomes a matter of bandwidth, support, reliability and cost. Finding the cheapest within your country’s jurisdiction becomes a matter of research. Using a package that allows for hardware replacement in a short time, or not concerned whether the servers are Linux or Windows can make the cost also come down.

The solution for your business, particularly if you require the website to be operating with 100% uptime, may be a dedicated hosting package that is not the absolute lowest cost. If you have to sacrifice service for a few dollars, then when all is said and done, it may not be the most prudent move to go with a lowest bid. Instead, you would be better off taking advantage of the promotional offers made by the web host provider.

Most providers offer a variety of managed hosting services, from Windows 2000 or even Windows 2003, and dedicated servers at a low enough cost, with good customer support to compete with any of the shared host providers. The value of a cheap web hosting company is further enhanced when you take in the fact that there is generally no need to add costly upgrades, everything is within your control.

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