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Should You Opt For An Offshore Hosting Service?

In the majority of cases it is good to make use of regular USA hosting. However, there are instances where it can be beneficial for a webmaster to use a company who provides offshore hosting services.

These types of situations can arise when the laws applicable in large countries like the USA are questioning your published content.

The laws concerning the Internet in the USA are effective for the protection of copyright holders.

These laws are applicable in a wide range of regions varying from the development of software to photography, including smaller stuff like written text published on forums.

Anything you publish or put on the Internet is copyrighted to you automatically. No one is allowed to re-use such content without your written permission.

In case anyone uses your material whether it is photos, text content or music without your recognition, you may file a DMCA objection.

When there is no response or the applicable content is not removed, you have the right to file for legal action to the state attorney.

Major entertainment, media and software corporations such as CNN, ABC, Paramount Pictures or Discovery have a legal team that specialists in the protection of their copyrighted content such as movies, TV shows, original interviews or music.

In the USA all TV programmers are copyrighted. Thus, TV networks and media owners are offering licences to regional TV channels inside 3rd party countries like Asia or Europe.

These types of licences are very expensive and regional TV networks do their best protecting their entertainment portfolio against visitors in other countries which are illegally targeting them; for instance via an internet website for free.

However, to build a similar website can be a highly profitable venture. Webmasters continuously register domains from incognito registrars, whilst using offshore web hosting services.

They are building new websites to earn revenue or placing advertisements.

Naturally they want complete protection, security and anonymity from major corporations and their highly qualified lawyers, specializing in copyright.

This is the place where offshore hosting suppliers play a large role. It is an unwise decision to invest in hosting services within the USA for an illegal website.

For this reason webmasters from other countries as well as the USA invest in offshore hosting when they are building new websites.

Offshore hosting companies therefore offer a variety of anonymous payment possibilities like Bitcoin or Web-money a payment processor from Russia.

To run and manage a website business online without the appropriate protection procedures such as offshore hosting can’t be done successfully in the long term.

A shrewd and successful webmaster should take into account, before starting to build a new website, whether it is legitimate and safe to run it within the country from which they are purchasing web hosting!

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