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Advantages Of Offshore Cloud Hosting

You can use an onsite generator to provide electricity either for a business or home, whilst the power plant in general is located far away. Nowadays the same is applicable to computing facilities.

It is known as a Virtual Data Centre, or a cloud. An offshore cloud poses to be computing services which are remotely delivered by utilizing equipment, located in foreign countries.

Similarly to customers or companies who are buying electricity or gas from an independent company, Virtual Data Centre clients are buying their computing services.

The advantages of an offshore cloud

Saving costs

A principal advantage when you are using a VDC is that you are saving costs! There is no need to purchase expensive equipment, whilst you don’t have to appoint a lot of professional personnel to maintain and operate the systems.

The buyer only pays for the required services and applications. Buyers can thus contract and extend the computer technology they are using when fluctuation periods occur in their business activities.

When companies are sharing the physical plant and computer time with others, the costs of electricity is also shared, resulting in more savings.

Lower income tax rates

Additional to the ease of updating services and the lower costs, buyers are enabled to do business with host countries which have more favourable income tax rates, which will lead to saving even more.

Moving with technology

The buyer will be capable to keep moving with technology by using a VDC and don’t have to risk their business capital.

Nowadays computer technology is developing at a remarkable speed, whilst it will continuously do so.

Whilst functioning within a VDC structure you will have the ability to keep up with advancements, whilst there will be no need to retrain your personnel or purchasing new hardware.

Finding a managerial-friendly environment

Conducting business with a VDC in a foreign country is not all about saving costs. It can enable the buyer to find a regulatory friendly environment.

For example a company that is providing adult content or online gambling services, can find it more beneficial to work with a hosting country which has more pliable laws.

Some countries’ laws regarding privacy are stricter in comparison with others. Where the confidentiality of data is vital, this can be a reassuring factor.

Conducting business in more countries

Companies which are conducting business in different countries can derive more benefits from using a Virtual Data Center. All things varying from document storage to email to banking can be kept under one roof!

This can also result in better communication between the various offices in the different countries.

A lot of problems can be solved for a company which has developed from the amalgamation of a single or more organizations when transferring to such an offshore cloud.

However, it is not necessary to try to consolidate incompatible legacy systems as computer apps can be bought from the shelf.

An incorporated VDC can result in establishing the new organization more effectively.

The 24/7 support & availability rendered by professional staff, real time data-mirroring and failover abilities can be contained within the package.

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